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Yes it is only a point of light crossing the sky but when you think that that point of light is traveling close to 17,000 KPH and has humans inside it.....................

Thats what makes it amazing to see. I took a short .AVI of it a couple of yrs ago and i showed it to my uncle (who is not an observer in any way). He was blown away by it just thinking that that little point of light is traveling so fast and has people living inside.

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Nice image :)

Love watching the ISS.

Just posted my attempts at photographing the ISS in this thread: http://stargazerslounge.com/beginners-help-advice/176583-iss-image.htm

Edit: Actually I'll just post it here. Seems a more appropriate place than the beginners help forum.


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More appropriate place to post image
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I had my telescope trained in jupiter when the ISS passed over, but missed the oportunity, I was too slow to get the webcam in.

I've had a good couple of hours observing tonight, its crystal clear tonight over Rutland.

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