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Astrophotography help and Camera advice.

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Hi guys,

My trusty old canon powershot A70 is nearing the end of it's life and I need a replacement. I've had fun over the last few months snapping images through an eyepiece and have had some great results so now I would like to go up a notch.

I have a couple of motor driven telescopes and I have become pretty good at getting them polar aligned, Not perfect but I'm getting there, so I would like to try my hand at some more serious astrophotography. Thing is...I don't know where to start.... I've tried to read through as many posts, but cant actually see how you attach the camera to the telescope, or what settings are best to use.

I have a budget of around £500, I'm not worried about spending a lot of money on a camera as I will be using it a lot in my other hobby as well, but I want to choose a model that I can use for astrophotograpy once I'm clued up.

I'm not trying to run before I can walk, I appreciate that it takes years of practice to develop any kind of skill, but a guys got to start somewhere! :)

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Simple answer is to treat yourself to a nice DSLR as it seems you'll want to use

the camera for other things.

Canon EOS range is the most popular amongst astro folk and fitting one

to a scope is simple enough by taking of the camera's lens and fitting a "T" adaptor

ring in its place.

Then you can fit an adaptor to that to slot into your scope's focuser.

All very straight forward to do..

Shop around for the camera, there are some bargains to be had :)

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I managed to pick up a nice Canon EOS Rebel XT (American Version of 350D) from eBay, it's a Canon refurb, came factory sealed and had a 90 day warranty. Only cost me £275 too (might be cheaper now as this was a good few months ago now).

I am over the moon with it too (excuse the pun). I went for this camera rather than others as there seemed to be quite a few people who used it and the shots they managed to get from it looked great too.

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Totally agree with whats been said. Grab a Canon DSLR and a T adapter and have a go. You don't have to modify the camera or anything so if you don't like it you can always sell the camera.

BTW you'll be amazed at the results, its not that difficult.

Kaptain Klevtsov

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I`m a DSLR noob really, only started using my Canon 350D at the end of May this year (and only been doing Astronomy since roughly December 2006), and yet the results have amazed me. Scope -> T-Thread Adapter -> Camera body.... job done.

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Thanks for the advice...i'm glad people have reccomended Canon. My previous camera was a Cannon and it has served me well. I'll have a look around to see what I can find and i'll look into obtaining a 'T' adaptor.

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Well....I bit the bullet and purchased myself a Canon Eos 350D. It's a nice, robust camera but it's going to take me a while to get used to it!

I think i've worked out all the basic settings, just need to put it all into practice.

I've also ordered a T ring adaptor. Cant wait to give it a go!

Thankyou everyone for all your help and advice! :wink:

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