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Is this another robbing b star d?

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OOOOPS......EBAY booted me off for advertising an item and then telling people NOT to bid....

Also, they don't like auctions that encourage people to click on an URL as this could be aimed at taking buisines to a third party...aaar well, it was good whilst it lasted.

I hope someone saved a few bob....

The lager and sweets offer is still on tho..



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i bought one of these before i discovered stellarium free to download, it is exactly the same one so i contacted the seller stating that he had ripped me off, he was very polite about it , he explained he had the license to sell this software and he was covering his costs of putting it on CD and advertising etc, he offered me a refund or a download of some other software of my choice. because he was ok with me and his explanation sounded plausible i took the download, it was some moon map software thing, its ok but a bit over my head at the mo. anyway at the price he's knocking them out at it wasn't going to break the bank, i'm not condoning what he's doing but i don't think this guy is a real b***ard.he's just trying to make a buck or two.

Please tell me the moon map software he gave you for 'free' wasn't Virtual Moon Atlas........which really IS free and can be downloaded from here -


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:) OMG :( heres something i just found about the company...

Fellow EBayers

Recently I purchased software from the company **Software Solutions for a beginners/advanced learner's guide to photography.

I was excited when the package arrived only to be quickly dissapointed upon reviewing it.

The MT Software Solutions branded item was instead a copy of the 1993 US Navy Nonresident Training Course in photography that is readily available online for free. I wrote the company about their deception to which they replied that they "are free to distribute this item as they saw fit" regardless that they were promoting a product that wasn't their own.

Is it the practice of this company to label others work as their own? If they are indeed free to distribute this item in the public domain - then why do they remove the cover page that indicates that this is a military training program and add their own image? And why no mention in their ad that this program was created for veterans of the US Navy in 1993?

It leads me to question how many of their other "innovative software solutions" are indeed cheap knock-offs of someone elses work.

So you have been warned fellow EBayers - let the buyer beware here!

wonder what else they are ripping good people off with...

Good work there! I'm proud of you!!! :p


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Will one of my cats do....:)


Your lovely puss is the splitting image of our dear departed "Tiger" of many, many years ago, he lived 19 years, he was such a character, its no doubt him in one of his new lives :(


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Im working on doing another listing which might help others,,, i've got to be careful with the wording tho...

Watch this space....

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