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Magnification a liitle too high?

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can they be done for false advertising?

Technically those scope 'can' do the magnification they advertised. They come with the necessary eyepiece and barlow to give those magnification. Since they didn't make any claim about the image quality, it's not false advertising.

It's a bit like those cheap 10-20 megapixel compacts cameras a few years ago. They advertised their extremely high MP count, and they do produce images at those resolution, but the image quality is worse than a 0.6MP webcam because it is noise, totally washed out and lack any details. It's the consumer's fault to equate MP count to image quality, just like equating telescope magnification to image quality.

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If its the Celestron Powerseeker 127 i would suggest avoiding it like the plague. I used to own one and its an absolute pig to collimate. It uses a barlow element in the focuser to achieve the 1000mm fl.

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If they cannot guarantee at least the same magnification as the focal length at least then it is the cheaper Tasco for me.:icon_scratch::evil6::)

Before Celestron was sold to Synta, it was owned by Tasco. They seems to have inherited the department store scope business when Tasco went bust. Rest assure, if you buy a Celestron Power seeker or Astromaster, you are buying a Tasco.

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