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Improving a helical focusser

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Hi gang,

I have a telescope that has a helical focusser - this was recently installed to replace a poor quality crayford as it has a much lower profile and allows me to use a DSLR to take images.

So, I've since found out that, as I also now want to get into CCD imaging, focussing and seeing the effects on my laptop currently involve a certain amount of gymnastics.

Therefore I was wondering if anyone has done a mod to make a HF remotely focussable.

Two thoughts come to mind:

1) fashioning an adaptor ring gear, to go over the HF thumbwheel - connected to a 'slow motion control' taken from a basic EQ mount


2) Again using an adaptor collar together with a home-built or possibly off-the-shelf motor focus.

Any suggestions to get me started would be welcome.

I don't have any tools for doing machining of gears.


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Hi Keith,

thanks for the suggestions - I looked at both and thought maybe?

So, my helical focuser is attached to a Intes Makstov Newtonian. It was transplanted off another Intes MN telescope by an ATM near me - but he's now retired and moved to the Canaries.

I don't have any equipment to do the mods myself - the focuser is made of brass/alloy.

I have at least one possible option currently unexplored so I'll investigate and see where that takes me.



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