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Hello can anyone help?

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Hello, I am very new to astronomy but always loved it as a kid now later on in life, and with a bit more time on my hands, I have rekindled this interest. My wife has purchased a beginers telescope a Celestron LCM60 with Go to Nexstar which is good for looking at the moon but of little use for other objects as it is not powerful enough . I would love to develop this interest and to get a better telescope can anyone advisise me. The internet is awash with options and I am a bit at sea as to what to get next. I am delighted to have re-egnited this passion, and its great to be amoung like minded people.Thanks for any help offered


Jim R. :)

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Hi Jim, welcome to SGL :)

The answer to your question will depend on your budget, and what your requirements are from a scope. As Tiddles says, the 200p or 150P are both good starter scopes. With the Dob versions, you have to guide them yourself by nudging them about, but they are the cheapest way of getting good aperture. Have you also considered portability? Do you need to travel to dark sky sites, or are you Ok in your back garden?

Also, have you seen any scopes you like the look of, or done any research? Do you want an all round scope, or are you more interested in lunar & planetary viewing or DSO's?


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Hi Jim

First a warm welcome to the SGL, Now as you will find out this is not a cheap hobby

but if you are serious about this hobby then I would get explorer-200p-eq5-10923-20464

Brand: Skywatcher as shown in First Light optics at the top of the page click on yellow spot

This will save you money in the long run as you will wish you had a big scope later on or go all the way and get the GoTo version

Good luck and clear skies


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