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Diy dew shield?

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Camping mats are the best source of DIY dewshields. There are various ways of holding them together....personally, I use gaffa tape.

They work perfectly and are generally better then the commercial ones, and a whole lot cheaper.

To remove dew that's built up during a session, a hairdryer works well.

12 volt ones are safest, but if you use a 240v model, make sure it's connected to a circuit breaker as mains power and water don't mix well, and you want to be looking at the stars, not find yourself up with them!



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I just ordered a camping mat in order to make one of these for my 200P. I wondered if it was also worth making one for my refractor whilst I'm at it? I know that they have dew shields built on, but thought it might be worth covering the existing metal one with some mat to keep temperature up, as I will have some left over? Wondered what others thought? Cheers. CW :D

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just had a quick scan of amazon.

foil backed foam mat £1.88

velcro sticky tape £3.49

there you go, and you've saved enough to buy yourself a pluviometer, which you'd probably get more use of in Rochdale!


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