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Solar tracking with Mak 127

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I have a Skywatcher Mak-Cass 127, I think the same as your Skymax I believe, and am still having trouble tracking the Sun.

I asked this Q last year, but, alas, the suggestions offered didnt resolve the problem.

I want this up and working before our Total Eclipse in November, and the Transit of Venus in June, so thought I had better get on it.

I know this little scope is quite popular here, so is anyone tracking the Sun successfully, and if so, could you go through all the stages in achieving this.

Many thanks

Liz :)

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The difference between solar and sidereal rate is very slight. (About 4 minutes per day). When imaging the sun I never bother to switch my deep sky mounts to solar for this purpose. I didn't see any earlier posts but I guess that the problem might be initializing the mount's sky database during the daytime with only the sun to go on. My mounts are accurately polar aligned so if I slew to the sun in the day time and switch on the drives the sun will remain centred for hours.

Could you go over again what the objectives and the problems are?


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Thanks for that Olly.

My problems were that I couldnt do an alignment on anything during the day, and if I slewed to the Sun without an alighnment, and pressed the solar tracking, it wouldnt keep the Sun on the FOV.

I have reread my previous post, and the guys didnt do an alignment, but pretty sure that didnt work either for me.

Wet season here in N.Aus, so havent used the scope for quite awhile, but will try today as supp to be sunny. :)

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