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M33 - Clumsy processing!


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So here is my second "proper" go at a DSO. Details are:

SW ED80 DS Pro on EQ6

Guided with PHD/QHY5

0.85 FR - CLS LP Clip filter - 1000D


34 300s lights ISO800

20 darks

I stacked this in DSS and then had a hamfisted attempt at it in GIMP! I just used curves and levels, I'm not too sure what I'm doing so I toyed with it for a while and then pronounced it finished. I think I pushed a bit far to pull out detail that's perhaps not there for the amount of data I have?

Any tips very welcome!



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I think Michael is right, I used over a 100 subs in my M33 to bring up the detail and brightness. It looks like it is pushed a bit too far for the data you have so far. But the content is good, round stars and good detail, well done!

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This is a faint subject and more subs darks flats and bias shots will certainly help with the detail my biggest problem was finding it but I was actually looking right at it! Good feeling when you have an image like this I keep going back to my old favorites and redoing them when I get a good dark sky and this one certainly needs a dark sky to get the best out of it.

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