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Synscan Polaris Hour Angle vs TheSky mismatch?

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(A re-post from beginners section where it dropped down to page 6 in less than half a jiffy... Forgive me for reposting in a different section...)

I believe I have a discrepancy of some sort between on one hand Synscan handcontroller and Polarfinder software, and on the other hand TheSkyX and this online calculator:

Rise/Set/Transit Times for Major Solar System Bodies and Bright Stars: Locations Worldwide — Naval Oceanography Portal

The screen grab below visualizes the puzzle.

Basically I have double checked all entries everywhere, and I have here forced my PC and the Synscan to think it's 18.30, right at the time Polaris is in transit today for my location. Or is it...

TheSkyX and the Naval Oceanography Portal predict transit at 18.30 today. But my Synscan reports HA=00:15 and Clock 05:52. And although it can't be judged that accurately on the Polarfinder graph, it's clear that Polaris isn't pictured as transiting - it did that 15 minutes ago by the looks of it...

This equates to rougly 4° RA, a 4° longitudinal position error or a day off in time.

Am I missing something here? :icon_salut:


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