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First Lunar image - 25 Pane

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Hello all :D

After buying a morgans SPC880 webcam, I've finally gotten round to using it. I now have the up-most respect for those doing lunar imaging, as its certainly time consuming doing these mosaics!

I should of done some research before attempting this, but I did have a lot of fun! It's a nice change to see a live image on the screen rather than a deep sky sub every 5 mins or so.

I have to thank Avdhoeven for posting a lunar workflow PDF as this was my guide and it worked a treat! :clouds1: Although I used Microsoft's ICE to do the final stich as I wasn't getting very good results with Imerge.

Seeing was REALLLY bad last Friday - every star was twinkling like mad! But I was happy to be out imaging rather than saying "oh that moon is to bright to try a DSO!" I can't wait to give this another try now!


25 panes of 2000 frame AVI's

ED80, SPC880 & Cheap 2x Barlow on an HEQ5

Wxastrocapture, AVI stack, Astroimage, PS CS3, ICE

Questions: After stacking each pane had a corner missing, any idea's why?

Wxastrocapture would show an error if tried to go for more than 2000 frames?

Thanks for looking,

Tips, comments always welcome! :cussing:


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Really nice, the stitch looks seemless. When I tried a small 5 pane mosaic you could very faintly see a seem although I did use imerge so perhaps that had something to with it. For some reason I couldnt get ice to load up the panes

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Thanks folks,

The stitch was much better in ICE than Imerge, I was getting that effect you're saying. I could only load up the images when they were in the TIFF format, where as Imerge prefferd FIT's.

There was a couple biggish holes missing near the centre and a few edges but photoshop sorted them out. :D



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Nice job Michael... have a look at the workflow I posted in tips and tricks... there's a neat little trick with iMerge to help prevent gaps. Try double the focal length again and do a mosaic of this size :D

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Hi John,

Yes I only seen your sticky AFTER I took the images...hence my comment on not doing any research first. It was only the next day once I had read your workflow that I realised I made things more difficult for myself than need be! Och we learn the hard way! :clouds1:

Will be more prepared next time! :D



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