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dss problems


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John's spot on the money here. If you only want a section of your images stacked select one image, draw a box around it with your mouse and use 2x or 3x drizzle. Trying to drizzle stack a full DSLR image will always (AFAIK) result in an out of memory message and a failed stack.

Drizzle stacking a section will give you better detail / resolution than cropping and resizing, especially if you're guiding and your software allows you to dither your captures.

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That probably means that the ROI area that you have selected in one "set" is different to the next...

Stacked images, I believe, need to be the same size (in pixels).


The roi is set automatically from the reference frame and are all set to 2x

does that mean i will have resize the 4 pics in photoshop via crop ?

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I'd just use all the frames together, probably be simpler, and set the ROI on one frame in the stack...

As you have what looks like several sessions (based on the naming), add a single file into the list (master group), a new group will appear. Remove the file from the master group, and stick all of the files for session 1 in group 1 (include flats, darks etc), when you add to group 1, group 2 will appear... repeat as necessary. This will keep the calibration frames acting only on their respective light frames.

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