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Explore Scientific EPs now available from TS

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I notice Explore Scientific EPs are now available in Europe through Teleskop Service in Germany. As you can tell from my sig, I'm a fan. They are pricey though. Got them for about 50% of that (incl delivery to Ireland) :) importing from the US. Have to admit though, didn't get stung for VAT/Duty.:)

They are a lovely eyepiece though. Clear and great FOV with 82 degrees.


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It would be nice to know how the 82 degree ES eyepieces compare with the William Optics UWAN / Skywatcher Nirvana's and the Meade 5000 UWA's The pricing an specs are very similar although the ES 82 degree range is more extensive than the UWAN / Nirvana's.

With Tele Vue Naglers now priced at almost double these, a 3-way compro review between them would be very interesting for those who hanker after 82 degrees but don't want a 2nd mortgage :)

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Obviously hadn't spotted that. Have they been selling them long? I must have missed them when I was looking a few months ago.

Well they have been selling Explore Scientific eyepieces for more than a year that i know of and possibly much longer than that . likewise they also sell Explore Scientific telescopes.

Explore Scientific

hope that helps.

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