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just a quicky i want to do a multi session on m42

am i right in thinking that all sessions have to be stacked individually and then the results of each of the sessions have to be restacked i will also be doing darks with each session ?

my reason i have to do it this way is i can only get m42 for about 90 mins or so with 25s subs....

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It depends really... If the subs are the same length and taken at roughly the same temperature, you can stack everything together. If not, you can stack them as separate groups in DSS. If you were also taking flats, you'd definitely have to stack them separately.

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Hopefull i will have 3.42hrs of data tomorrow not including the core pics

Can i re-stack the results without darks or flats to achieve i pic with 3.42hrs data ?

Am i getting this right.

I plan on stacking the core pics tomorrow in the same manor as the others and then blend the main and core results in photoshop

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