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X2 Barlow for Orion Optics f 4.5

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So first thing I'm after is a x2 Barlow for the fast scope I have coming this week. Want to run this past you guys since it's an expenive purchase to get wrong (and I will). This is my second dabble into astronomy after spendng a small fortune on (incorrect) stuff last time. As you can imagine I really want to get it right this time!

Looking at the the Ultima X2 Barlow

Awooza.com :: Celestron Ultima Barlow Lens: Camera & Photo

This be a decent one for the faster scope? If you have any better recommendations please share. Budget is £100

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If we're talking about a f4.5 newtonian...you wouldn't use a diagonal on it.

Yes thats right, just use eyepieces directly in the focuser.

2" eyepieces go straight in, 1.25" eyepieces need a 2" to 1.25" adapter, easy to get if the scope doesn't come with one.

Post #3 - you can use a 2" barlow directly in the focuser, 2" eyepieces go straight into that, or use the 2" to 1.25" adapter for 1.25" eyepieces.

If you try to use a diagonal with a Newtonian, it's highly likely you will not be able to reach focus without modifying the scope.

Regards, Ed.

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Grabbing that TeleVue Barlow, the seller was kind enough to throw in a free adapter aswell! Thanks for the tip off damnut.

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