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iPhone/iPad/iPod owners!

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This is mainly directed at anyone with iOS (I am unsure of any android astronomy apps)

I've done some searching around on the app store and found an eccellent free app called Sky Safari - its in principle the same as Stellarium but far far easier to use an has more features - I'd highly reccomend it! The handheld element of it makes it way more practical in the field too!

Anyone else know any useful apps worth getting?


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I've tried plenty of iPhone apps and Sky Safari is certainly the best I've found. Don't remember it being free though, except during promotions.

There are several versions of it with different limiting magnitudes. I have Sky Safari plus, which has about 2.5 million stars in its database and cost about £12 I think. The top of the range one is about £20 and has 15 million stars.

It's an awesome little tool.


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My favourite is Star Map Pro - just fantastic.

If you haven't seen my other thread - if you have an iPhone we're looking for volunteers to test out a new astronomy app Double Stars. See the full thread in the forum 'Science' Observing and imaging Double stars and variable stars.

Perhaps it could become your NEW favourite app??

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The versions of Sky Safari available (that I could find anayway) -

Sky Safari v2 Lite with upto 120,000 stars plus 220 clusters/Nebulea/Galaxies. £1.99

Sky Safari v2 full version 300,000 stars and 30,000 DSO's £10.49

Sky Safari v3 Basic version 120,000 stars plus 220 clusters/Nebulea/Galaxies. £1.99

Sky Safari v3 Plus 2.5 million stars 31,00 DSO's including entire NGC/IC catalog £10.49

Sky Safari v3 Pro 15.3 million stars (Hubble guide star catalog) 740,000 galaxies , 550,000 Solar system objects £27.99

I have the Sky Safari v2 Lite version at £1.99, I couldn't find a free version. Great application which ever version.

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I have the Sky Safari 3 lite version at £1.99, but thinking of upgrading to Sky-safari 3 pro because it looks great and is on offer now to me for £20, normally £30. I also use:

Messier List.




Distant Suns.


Exo Planet.

Mars and Moon Globe oh and Astronomo, The Universe and finally ScopeTools.

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I'd second star map pro. I particularly like the list of objects that are currently on view and when they rise and set. Found it very easy to use even the advanced features.

Also supports wireless control of most mounts through most common protocols with a wireless to serial converter. Haven't tried it yet but love the idea of controlling it with my ipad. Just wish it was available for the android operating system as I've recently changed most of my kit to Android.

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Does Sky safari allow you to align to an object with the phone on its back, strap it to your scope then use it as a push to? Like SkEye on Android?

potentially - if the scope has encoders and compatible - there is a SS yahoo group board join that and ask, ask the guys directly they are really helpful

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