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Here´s a mosaic of 2 shots of the Orion region, taken with EOS 450D modded, ISO 800 and using a Zeiss Planar T* 1,7/50mm lens, stopped down to f2.8. No darks, no flats.

Unfortunately incoming mists and high humidity caused a lot of problems, as can be seen at Rigel and Beteigeuze, anyway for my first try on Barnard´s Loop, I´m quite happy.

Every shot is a stack of 12x90sec, oriented that way, that Barnard´s Loop was recorded in every part of the 2 shots (one right handed, one left handed) and so finally the Loop got 24x90sec of exposure. The Rosette Nebula also comes out pretty bright, and even tiny Sh2-280 just below is also visible.

I hope you like it too.

always clear skies,


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Wonder if Betelgeuse will look like that to the naked eye when it goes super nova.

that is a wonderful image tons and tons of detail in there that is pretty dang impressive. BTW what are you using to get the long exposure times?

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The shots are taken with my Astrotrac - I forgott to mention.

For those short focal length, it is working very fine, if you have done your polar alignment well :-)) and possibly (not tested myself yet) it may be used up to 200mm and 5min exposures....

Anyway, 90 sec is not a along exposure, and so easier to handle and it´s important to take a lot of single frames and then stack them.

see ya and thanks a lot for your comments.


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