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Maplins cases on offer


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Apparently I have heard that they also have the foam filled ones on offer from time to time. I have the small one of those and was waiting for the larger one to come back on offer but I might get a set of these instead and add some foam.

Dont know if there are any quality differences between the two types but this seems like a very good deal.

Can someone let me know what they are like?


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Ok, got some of these today. First impressions are they are excellent at this price. They are not as well finished compared to the foam filled type and i dont think they would last forever but as super cheap storage for kit to throw in the boot of a car they are unbeatable.

I'm in the process of customizing them and have managed to get my startravel 102 into the large one after separating the dew shield and quite a few other bits aswell. My eq3-2 mount head with all associated bits including weights goes in the medium one but only just. They also come with a few blocks of solid foam which is useful for supports.

As i already have a foam type for my eyepieces I gave the small one to my daughter so she can keep her rather expensive hot toys assassins creed figure safe. Fits perfect so she will be happy.

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Heres the cases with my stuff in. Had to cut and glue some of the dividers on the large one but overall im pleased with the result.

Large size


Medium size


Small foam case as a comparison


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Just got mine. First impression: More than adequate. A little lighter and less sturdy than other cases. Would not like to stand on one as I think the surface would crumple but still strong enough to protect the contents from a kick or two.

Note also that each comes with a pair of keys. My keys were all identical and probably identical to every other key in the shop. There no padlock holes to augment security.

I have no complaints for the price.

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