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BBC lack of research again, or just a DJ gaff

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i saw the Huw Edwards gaff last night as well, and frightend the missus as i roared abuse at the news !

the knee capping might work but dont fancy the size of gun needed to take out Russel Grant !


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Should we be taking this sort of thing seriously? I mean - E-mailing the BBC en masse or something?

After all, most of you probably remember the infamous tale of Peter Sissons' tie, don't you? An almighty brouhaha over a matter of no consequence whatever (who gives a damn what colour tie a particular individual is wearing? Even if a member of a highly privileged family has indeed snuffed it?). But it brought out a torrent of conspiracy theory "heads must roll" stuff in the tabloids.

To my mind - I suppose I can forgive the occasional gaffe - we all make them! But if it happens again and again - and twice in 12 hours so it seems - then it's becoming either the norm or an unlikely coincidence. And I think this conflation trivialises astronomy in a way we could do without.

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Didn't hear the radio but heard Hugh Edwards call us Astrologers last night. Will people ever get it right?!
Perhaps when they spell Hugh, Huw? [only joking] :)

But Hey: ...public service broadcasting has a very important role to play in changing the direction of society. (Brian Cox) - Particularly when they figure out all these big words? :)

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