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M45 comparison - 1 year of AP

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Ahhh it's good to get a post in this section again! :)

Been plagued with guiding problems, but now with just one stupid setting fixed (max dec duration) all seems to well again :)

This wasn't an easy image to obtain due to the very intermittent weather, wind and bad seeing last night, but got 1hr 25m in 5m subs and 17 darks. No flats yet but will get out this afternoon to get some. Processed quickly in PS CS3 and DSS.

It's also been just over a year since I captured my first ever image. I think it's safe to say I'm making some progress. I've posted the most recent first...obviously :)

Comments/tips always welcome.

Thanks for looking.




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Thanks folks! yeah it's been quite a ride so far, this year I plan to buy a dedicated CCD so doubtless that will keep the learning curve steep!

Any one know the reason for the 'reflections' around the stars?

I forgot to mention the equipment used:

Orion ED80

Canon 300D IR removed with CLS CCD Clip

HEQ5 guided with ST80 and DSI-I



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That is improvement! Fantastic!

No flats yet

That will improve it even more!

Any one know the reason for the 'reflections' around the stars?

My 10p: Fairly bright stars so there will be reflectons between the CCD and the optics, in particular the filter. AFAIK it's to be regarded as normal.

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