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which refractor?

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Hi Everyone

I am looking to buy a refractor that I can start to do imaging with now I have a HEQ5.

I would also like to use it as a travel scope that I can take away on family holidays etc but needs to be small to fit in with baby, dog etc!

Have been looking at the SW ED 80 Pro outfit and the new WO ZS 70 2012 - Would the SW be worth it for the extra aperture or the WO for the focuser/finish?

Must confess I rather like the looks of the WO scopes :) are there any others I should consider?



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When you say you're interested in using it as a travel scope too do you mean to use it visually or to take pics on your travels? If the former then you'll appreciate the extra aperture of the ED80. It doesn't seem like much 10mm but it makes quite a difference visually. If you're purely going to be taking pics then the WO 70 would be slightly faster f ratio and hence would record the photons quicker.

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