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Well, have had my scope for two weeks now and in that time I have had five sessions of viewing, four from the light polluted confines of my garden (i live in town) and once when i drove out into the countyside, I have looked at Jupiter more than anything else although when I was out of town I was amazed that wherever I pointed the scope i got an eyefull of stars, didnt know what they were called but at the time i didnt really care, it just blew me away. got home in time for a couple of pints down my local, must have looked a bit odd sitting on my own in the corner still with my two layers of clothing and furry trapper hat on, bemused look on my face as if I had actually just visited the stars, which in a roundabout way, I had...

Next up is to set my scope up properly, connect the motor drive and actually research what i`m looking at, then It`ll be taking pics, one step at a time tho, the stars aint going anywhere anytime soon....

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good work Kyrol

keep going

ive had my scope a year and im still finding things every time i go out

had some great veiws of orions nebula and jupiter tonight

got some definate green tinges from M42, best ive seen so far

take your time, and enjoy

Pastiche is right though, download stellarium

its a great tool and can help you decipher what youve seen

best o luck


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