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Prom experimental colouration


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Just playing about with colour processing of proms, although the resolution is not great on this image.

I used a pseudo-HDR method with three 'exposures', each coloured separately and then combined using HDR software. The idea is to provide greater depth and drama, as if this spectacle is not dramatic enough!

Just thought I'd share.




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Another option I've tried is to take various exposures with different tuning of the etalon. As you chase the doppler shift you see different parts of the prom (works also for filaments); then colourise each exposure to match a red and blue "shift" - this shows dramatically the movements....

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Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'm not sure why the file attachment isn't opening. Anyhow, no matter, I think the image shows the principle of the idea.

Ken, I like the idea of chasing the Doppler-shift and maybe I'll give that a go next time I get the chance. However, the beauty of this process is that it can be applied to any standard prom image that many of us with Ha scopes have in our archives.

For anyone interested in giving it a go, this is what I did. Starting from a standard white prom image I produced three coloured images by adusting gamma and levels, fading out the weaker detail at each step. You can see the colours selected in the sequence of attachments. I then re-assembled the images using HDR software to produce the composite. This can be a little ticky and it might take a few attempts to get the settings correct for a pleasing result.

I'm not sure that the colours I selected are really the best ones to choose and starting with a better prom shot could have helped improve the final result. However, it does show the principle of the process. I'm sure someone more skilled in image processing and more 'arty' than me would do a better job.

I would encourage anyone to give it a go. It will be interesting to see what can be created!







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