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YouTube video series on Messier Objects

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There's a chap namd Brady Haran who has made several highly successful YouTube video series, mostly on science topics, with a lot of assistance from science departments at Nottingham University - for example, the excellent Periodic Table of Videos, which covers all the elements. He recently started a new series on astronomy, and to begin with, he's going to make a video about each of the Messier objects. If the quality of the rest of his video output (informative yet accessible) is anything to go by, it'll be one to watch. The first video, on M1 (he's not doing them in order, but started there anyway), has just gone up.

You can find the YouTube channel (DeepSkyVideos) here, and I'm sure Brady would welcome questions and comments.

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Two great vids to start with. cant wait to see more. thanks for sharing this link.

are you planning on posting a thread when a new one comes out? would be helpful, just as a reminder.

I'll try to keep up posting links to new videos as they come out, if folk here would like that? I'd prefer to add them to this thread rather than start a new thread for each one, as there's 110 Messier objects - better to have them all in one place. I'm not sure how often they'll be coming out - Brady is very busy with all his other video projects (which, for cloudy nights, I heartily recommend perusing).

Is it possible to embed videos here? Links are fine, but better to be able to watch them without jumping.

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Well I've been watching many of his other videos over the past few months and highly recommend them. The Periodic table of videos is great. Serious but with some subtle humour too and nice insights into the scientists too.

His Sixty Symbols has a whole section on planets and space . And there's a even a new one on maths called Numberphile.

All of these are for the layperson. Great stuff.

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Watched them. Really good stuff. OK they don't have the special effects the BBC can offer but I found the content more interesting and prefer the down to earth, unpretentious style of presentation. The M105 and M15 were particularly interesting.

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Any chance this can be stickied and made so only author can write in it. This is the kinda thing that newbies need but (being one) its handy if there isn't a mass of other posts to wade through.

Oh and move it to the begiiners section, only a thought


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Just want to voice my own pleasure at these highly informative videos. Many more have appeared since the last post. Lots of very interesting information!


Cheers for reinvigorating this thread - I hadn't heard of these videos and now I have, I've burned a couple of hours. :)


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