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Kielder Forest Spring Star Camp 21st - 25th March 2012


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Howdy all,

I've not seen much mention of the spring Kielder star party. Is anyone on here going?

I went to the autumn party, which was excellent aside from the mud :-)

Placed my booking and sent the money in yesterday. Be good to see who else from SGL is going!

Clear skies,

- Jason

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Hi Jason.

yes I'll be there [star camp regular since 2005].

I'm up in Kielder from Sunday 18th March - if any SGL member is around in Kielder before the StarCamp starts on the 21st please let me know. in advance.

For those who would like to know how good the skies can be perhaps you might look at the 'Northumberalnd' page of my website...

Home ..... just browse the Astronomy menu and select Northumberland page from the drop down list

I think I had magnitude 10 skies in November 2011 and magnitude 9 skies in Twixmas 2011


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We'll be there from Tuesday, although I have to be in Newcastle at 4:15am on Wednesday morning to run as part of the One Show 1000 relay (sports relief)

Which means I'll probably catch up with you all on Wednesday morning!

Of course this does guarantee Tuesday to be the clearest night of the week...

Hehehe only 3 sleeps!

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