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Leo Triplet : A quick grab and process


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Over the last few nights the weather has been glorious and I hardly got any sleep. I just had to get some sleep, so swung the scope around to Leo that was just rising with the moon rising below it.

I was unsure what I would get, put frames and set the scope to take the images whilst I got some sleep.

I ended up with a lot of rubbish, but in the subs were 3 hours of RGB only in 3 minute subs. About 20 x 3min subs per RGB channel.

A quick process later and here is the result. Not too bad for a grab and go whilst sleeping.


Scope TS SuperNewt 200mm with F2.8 Corrector FL 568mm

QHY9 mono + QHY 2inch filters

TS OAG, QHY5, PHD and NEQ6 mount for guiding.

CS5 and PI for processing. Image cropped by 50% for framing.

I hope you like


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Great detail in the Galaxies, scope performing well !

Understand the lack of sleep, cant pass up the rare oppertunity :)

Still a bit of work to do with the scope, learnt a lot in the last few weeks. Was nice to get some shut eye last night. Too much of a good thing eh :)

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