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Stellarium on iPhones


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Am I correct in thinking you cannot download Stellarium on an iPhone ? I looked at the site but just double checking incase I am missing something glaringly obvious.


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Ref Android, stellarium is written is C where as the Android sdk is Java and I hear a port is in progress as we speak. When using things like google sky map you must remeber to calibrate your magnometer in your device first and it helps to turn on your gps.

There are loads of apps for android -

Google sky map

Star chart £2 (or free if you have a samsung device star chart solar)

Skeye + plugins like meteor panel

Then theres loads of useful stuff like

Astro panel

Polar finder


Satellite AR

Gps Test

Gps Status

Plus many many more

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The latest release of the Stellarium iPhone app has a minimum requirement of iOS 5 so I'm not able to install it yet. I'm a great believer in having access to what I own so I can't upgrade the OS till I know that the jailbreak works properly on iOS 5.

It's a pity that the iOS 5 requirement was put in place but none of the new features in Stellarium appear to actually need what is new in iOS 5. When I get the time and I'm sure the jailbreak works - I'll upgrade to 5 and i'll be able to upgrade Stellarium at that point.

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If you don't mind paying a couple of quid, the basic version of SkySafari 3 is available on Android (and iOS).

Southern Stars SkySafari for Android

I'm using the Plus version on iPhone and iPad, but the "lite" version is still very good. I've tried GoSkyWatch and Stellarium and didn't think they were as good.

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