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IC443 Too Much Time


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I've given up on this one! I've been trying to capture this one during the last three months. Not too satisfied with the results, but it's time to move on!


EON120 Scope, Parsec 8300M, Orion Filters, Atlas Mount, and Lodestar AG.

Ha = 30 Minute Exposures * 30

OIII = 20 Minute Exposures * 15

SII = 20 Minute Exposures * 15

RGB Stars @ 1 minute exposures * 15 each.

I had a problem lining up my frames, look at the rough Luminance, and the final color image cropped most of the bottom. I learned I need to "MARK" my scope in the clamps too! I placed arrows to line up my camera to the scope, but my failure to put the scope back in the clamps correctly, tilted the frame, and clipped the color frames.

I struggled on finding a color for IC443. OIII is hardly present in IC443. SII and Ha have strong signals.

First time I've tried RGB stars with Narrowband. I'm not sure if I did correctly, but I took the star layer UNDER the Luminance layer, and I applied "Linear Dodge (Add)" to the RGB star layer. Seemed to bring some of the star color through.

Full Size Versions:



Time to move on to the next target!



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