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Flocking my 14" Flextube


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The Flocking paper I had ordered arrived from FLO a couple of days ago and I got around to flocking the 14" Flextube today.

I had bought 3 rolls of the matt black velour flocking paper. The 14" has an OTA diameter of 16", the main section being about 70cm tall and this meant that I needed two rolls of the paper for that alone. The upper section (holding the spider and focus mechanism) needed about half a roll. The paper can be cut easily using kitchen scissors and this means you can cut sections to fit the shapes you need, or to cut small sections out where nuts/bolts protrude.

The whole job took me just over an hour and I am left with a totally matt black interior for the OTA. This is a big change for the better, as the interior of the OTA was a dull, dark grey before.

The paper sticks down easily and can be peeled off within a few seconds of sticking it down, if it wasn't on straight. After a few minutes it seemed as if stuck on with super glue. I have left it in the house for the last 3 hours and it seems solidly attached to the OTA.

I will see what happens after a few nights under our dew ridden skies.

I also bought a lightshroud for the 14" Flextube and spent about 10 minutes installing it.

So, I now have a 14" Flextube GOTO which can get no stray light on the mirror and with a matt black OTA interior. :)

The views through this 'scope were already good, with the enhanced contrast this little upgrade provides, they should be awesome now.


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