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IC434 against all the odds


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To get this (or anything in the Orion area) I'm aiming right over Chester City centre. Even with the LP filter the camera picks up a considerable amount of LP glow - ironically the modded camera is more sensitive to the LP so subs become washed out very quickly. Had to keep sub lengths down to 3 minutes for this at ISO400 so the stack was quite dim to process. Under the circumstances I'm quite please with it apart from the fact I seem to have picked up some vertical banding which I can't lose - I can live with it though.

Hope you like it.:)

1.5 hours of 3 minute subs at ISO400


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Tried to capture this myself last night but had to admit defeat with my unmodded DSLR - looks like Emission Nebulae are out of my league at the moment.. Oh, and can barely notice the banding on this image - very well done sir!

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Thank you Simms - very kind of you. Don't give up on emmission nebula - have a look at my photo album - mostly done with an unmodded camera - only modded it last Nov. Just takes longer subs, more of them, and a little patience, but well worth it. The modded camera will no doubt make it easier, but it's certainly not impossible.



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Hi Tommy - thanks for that - it was through the 8" Newt (F.5) - I have done this previously with the small refractor but wanted a closer image of it.

I was hoping you would say that as that is exactly what I plan to use :)

Many thanks.

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