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My first M45


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I FINALLY had chance to take my Takahashi FSQ85 out for the night, but it coincided with one of those nights when I just couldn't be bothered and would rather watch some movies. I forced myself though, and in the end I'm glad I did.

In my impatience, I didn't polar align the scope accurately, and it shows in the images I took as I got some rotation of the field while shooting. I also decided to use my DSLR rather than the CCD and filters, since I knew I only had a few short hours until the moon rose and ruined it all. I then forgot to take flats!

Anyway, the results of my endeavours is below. I can't say I'm hugely pleased with it, but if nothing else, it's reminded me that I can't take shortcuts and hope to get decent images! It feels like I can get a better result out of the subs too, but for the life of me, I'm not able to.

Image details : Takahashi FSQ85, Canon DSLR, 11 x 6m00 subs (I actually took 22), 11 x 6m00 darks, processing DeepSkyStacker and Photoshop. Cropped pretty significantly from original.

All criticism gladly received!


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Yes, a very valid point I think, thanks for it. Do you think this is better?

I'm going to start the processing from scratch at some point, as I say, I'm not sure I've done the best of jobs with it and I'm not sure tweaking levels and saturation is going to rescue it!


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