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Text to speech object descriptions Sky Safari


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I could be way behind the curve with this one and everyone already knows about it but I finally upgrade my iphone firmware to version 5 last night and found that when one press and holds text to invoke the copy/paste command there is now a 'Speak' button. ie. instead of the old clunky text to speech method where the text to speech option was a global phone setting which meant one would have to turn it on for the text and back off or else gesture commands wouldn't work on the sky screen.

Well now one just highlights the text and clicks speak with gesture commands still working in tandom.

I've a question though. The iphone is reading out the text in an Irish accent. Is that the same for you guys in the UK or do the Scottish lads get to hear a scottish lilt etc :icon_scratch:

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I'm using Sky Safari 3 Plus on an iPhone 3GS with IOS 5.01 but this text to speech thing isn't a part of the App its a phone setting and thus works on text in any app afaik. Sorry should have mentioned that. Goto iphone settings, general, accessibility and turn on the 'Speak Selection' setting.

Then in Sky Safari when one opens up an object description one presses and holds the screen for a second to invoke the text selection and the 'Speak' button. Drag the blue dots to highlight the text you want read out (if you want the phone to read it all just drag the highlight dot to the bottom of the screen so it scrolls to highlight all the text) Once you have highlighted the text click speak.

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