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Hyperion 24 field stop question


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I bought a Hyperion 24mm from ABS before X'mas, but didn't have a chance of trying it out until today.

When I used it on street lights and trees, I found the field narrow and the view of the field stop from the eye lens appeared very fuzzy.

When I flipped the eyepiece over, I noticed its field stop was smaller than my 25mm plossl's, 17mm ortho's and 13mm LVW's. This didn't make sense because the Hyperion 24 was supposed to have the widest true FOV of all these.

I wondered could the seller have taken out the field lens assembly to play with FTR and then reinstalled the wrong one from another Hyperion into the 24mm by mistake.

Can someone who owns a Hyperion 24mm please let me know whether I have the wrong field lens?

Many thanks.


Attached photo (left to right) 25mm Cemax & Plossl, 24mm hyperion (eyepiece in question), 17mm 0.965" ortho, 13mm LVW


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Hmmm - I thought the 24mm couldn't use FTRs due to having no smythe/barlow in the nosepiece.

If you have elements in there then you (and whoever got the 24's nosepiece!) could have a problem :icon_scratch: Definitely contact the seller as he'll either have another upset customer or an incomplete eyepiece himself.

That looks more like the part for a 5 or 8 Hyp. It should still work as a 24mm in 2" mode though, as it won't be missing any elements.

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Hi Keith,

the hyperion doesn't look right, it doesn't have a field lens assy as other hyperions do, its just a screw on "adaptor" from 2" to 1.25" focusers.

Yours looks like it has something in the screw on piece narrowing the FOV or as you say he's put the wrong one on!

Hope thats some help,


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