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Good books about the Sun

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Here's a few good books on the Sun, er, about the Sun.

The Sun c1959 by Karl Kiepenheuer-Somewhat dated, but the basics are there and very understandable.

100 Billion Suns:The birth, death and life of the stars c1983 by Rudolf Kippenhahn Not striclty our Sun, but also a very good, readable text.

Nearest Star c2001 by Leon Golub and Jay M. Pasachoff Excellent, modern text which includes SOHO and TRACE images and analysis, among others.

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of The Sun c2001 Another excellent reference guide. While I haven't read the entire book, (not that it's that long at 203 pages), I just haven't had time.

I do hope you'll look into at least one of these. Check them out of the library at the least and have a look. :sunny:

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