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Neutral density filters?

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Anyone know where I can source a couple of ND1.8 and ND3 neutral density filters?

1.25" or 2" would be OK.

I can find the usual collection of "Moon filters" but not the hard core stuff. This is for a DIY Herschel wedge project...

(Knight Optics have them but only in 25mm diameter.)

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Try with photografy filters. astronomical 2" filter mount is 48mm photography filter mount.

1,25" is 28mm

48mm filters can be found very cheap in sales and ebay. They were the standard for Leica and Canon before digital arrives.

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Yes, saw those but they have no shipping option to Belgium (They claim to shipworld wide..)

I'll keep trying ebay

(AstroPhysics have the ND1.8 for $57 but again no shipping!)

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Lee filters do a sample pack of filters, not sure how much they charge because they were giving them away at a photography show. The book of filters was over an inch thick and includes most ND values, colours and all manner of stuff. Might be worth looking on their web site.

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