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Stellarium for tablet

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Hi Everyone,

My wife recently got a tablet thingy and we wanted to get Stellarium for it. Because it doesn't run Windows but instead uses Android (I think) we have not been able to find a workable version anywhere. Does anyone know where to get Stellarium for Android or is there something else we could get (for free!)?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Im not sure if stellarium is available for andriod. How about google skymap? stardriod and stargazers log are 2 others ive seen. just stick "star gazing app for android" into google

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On my Asus Transformer and Galaxy SII I have the follwing:

Google Sky Map


Astro Panel

Heavans Above

Star Chart

Mobile Observatory

All these pretty much can give you the same kind of info Stellarium can and have proved very useful in my time learning the sky

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Does anyone know where to get Stellarium for Android?

There have been talk about a Stellarium port for Android for quite some time. A major obstacle used to be the lack of a port of the Qt libraries for Android, but they have been ported now. The other great obstacle that remains is that no-one in Stellarium's developer team has an Android device (yet). :(

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