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Yep... it's another Jupiter...

Peter Reader

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Hi all!

Kept gain under 50% for this one and adjusted exposure accordingly and managed to bet a much bolder image than last time...

Before: very high 80% gain


New: 45% gain


Newer one uses drizzling method in Registax 6...



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OK Peter I understand. There are however lots of other easier ways to resample (resize) an image, If you are not too fussy then you can simply use the resize button in R6 (see Pic below) But you can also do it in Photoshop or Gimp or etc. Drizzle as I understand it resizes the image as it processes it and it is not really intended for planetary work (only what I have heard)


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Thanks for the info! There's a resampling box that you can check before stacking... How is this different to drizzling?

I never noticed the resize button in the wavelets section before, so thanks for letting me know!

I just noticed the resampling option myself yesterday :(

I don't really understand drizzling but there is an explanation here


And a reasonable explanation of resampling here


I hope this helps:icon_salut:

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