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I have been trying to finish this off for weeks :p and could not get any good colour crybaby2.gif

So I took some from a osc version I took a while ago , seemed to work ok icon_thumright.gif mind you this has taken me the last few days to put together BangHead.gif in Pixinsight of course

Taken with and inc

1 LUM 240 MIN SXVR H35

2 RGB OSC 500MIN ( 130 APO)

3) Ha 120 MIN

4) IADS LPS filter

5) 14" newt at F3.75 ( LUM )

6) Processed in pixinsight

7) All subs 10 min

IMO the High res version is worth a look to see all the globs and ha areas


Regards Harry


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That is a real stonker of a shot. The colours are just beautiful. Well done Harry, utterly brilliant.

You don't know how to deal with elongated stars in PI by the way? Not that you have any, but I have and I could do with a tutorial!!!!! Cheeky I know!!!

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Stone me, Harry, that may not be my style but it sure is a backside kicker! I'm for softer processing but that's neither here nor there, there's room for all styles and here you leave no stone unturned. Your red star colour is not just intense, it's drop dead perfect.

A masterly piece of work. No doubt about it.


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Wow Harry!

Just checked out the high res version. The Ha areas are just stupendous. There is just so much to see in the image. Really made me think about what we are looking at. Not just a pretty image, but something that conveys real inforamtion about what is going on in M33.


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