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stellarium for android


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Skyeye works well for me, one thing it did give me problems at first until I read to calibrated you have to do a figure 8 with phone to settle the search and stop drift...they must think I'm dancing at the dark sites at club meet ups..lol

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thanks guys, been using skeye, and finding it alot more accurate and stable than google sky maps. does anyone know of anywhere that sells some sort of universal/adjustable MOUNT, so that we could attach and allign out smart phones onto our scopes? this might make it easier to find things in the sky for beginners like me?

wonder if FLO have thought about looking into sourcing something like this? (if it even exists?)

it might work if you first allign your spotter with your main scope, make sure they are alligned and both pointing at a particular object in the sky, then attach the phone, align it to the same object....then whenever you move your main scope you can just look on your phone to see what you're looking at?

like i said, i'm pretty new to all this, but i'd be surprised if no one has thought of this idea already?

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