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What are you planning to buy or is on your wishlist for 2012?

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it was not planned, it just happened... an FSQ 106 EDX III

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Nice Starnut !

i have to admit that my wish for 2012 is incorrect, i mentioned in a earlier post i wanted a tec 140, but in the mean while a DSI 10'' corrected ritchey cretien has been ordered.

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Nice looking scope, starnut, but is it really two weights' worth? I have an extension bar on my EQ and only need one weight, that's with a crayford focuser, 2" diagonal, dew shield and tapes, and a hefty finder scope too. Weights scare me, I'm always afraid that I'll drop one on my foot.

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I already got quite some stuff for my 50th birthday (either directly or a contribution in cash towards new kit). I sold some stuff as well (Radian 8 mm and Meade Series 5000 UWA 14 mm). The new kit:

- Pentax XF 8.5mm EP

- Nagler 12 mm Type 4 (just before the price rise)

- Helios Apollo 15x70 HD

- Upgraded my DIY Parallelogram mount

- Built a 4.5" F/4.4 Mini-Dob for the kids. Got a few cheap and cheerful EPs for them too (Plossl 20mm and 6.3mm and achromatic Barlow 2x)

Plans (not all for 2012):

- Pentax XW 7mm for nights of really good seeing

- Replacing Radian 10mm by Pentax XW 10 or TV Delos 10

- Building an observing chair

Distant future:

- Getting a bigger scope (C11/OMC 300 or go for a big Dob)

- Getting a mount suitable for astrophotography with the 80mm F/6

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well after getting the phone call saying i have got a new job which allows my finance situation to bit a bit more affordable so my list for this year / 2013

- finish OBSY

- neq6 PRO or ieq45

-8 or 10 inch RC mainly for galaxy's

- atik 314 with filters

- figure out the best way to guide it

- finally finish the 16 inch dob

oh and find time to take the other half away ;)

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Hmmm! What is that mount / tripod?

It's a Vixen Porta II. It's brilliant with the Lunt (in the 1/2 hour so far anyway!). I'm hoping that it'll do a much better job with my 127 mak than the EQ3-2 manages. The tripod looks similar to that which comes with the EQ3-2 but it feels MUCH more stable.


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  • 3 months later...

Orion XT8 dobby or Orion AstroView 120ST EQ refractor

Couple EPs (Orion Epic II ED 15mm)

I also plan on restoring my old 114mm Meade reflector (new focuser, particularly)

Some eyepiece filters

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New astro engineering crayford now fitted to my scope(see below, nothing fancy, enough to start with;) )

My wish list is now £several thousand. And involves a major educational dream but as long as I can show my mates the little I know then it aint all bad!

(I'm on my Blackberry, I may be some time;) )

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Im getting an neq6, s.w guidescope mount, ed80, qhy5v for guiding and odd bit of planetary imaging. Gotta get a second hand dslr until i can afford a starlight express sxv h9c. also coma corrector and s.w focal reducer. the list is endless :)

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The latest bits and pieces this year, in my war against a health wallet,Cannon 1100D, Baader MPPC Kit, Baader Hyperion 31mm, Baader Laser Collimator Mk3, ST-80 scope (on today's delivery van), in the next couple of weeks a Autogiude CCD probably the lodestar....

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My wish list keeps getting longer.

Right now I am struggling to choose between a DMK 41 and the Vixen Polarie. I have been literally minutes away from hitting the buy button on during the last couple of days but now I'm at a complete standstill. If the DMK that was on ABS last week was came up today I'd be all over it now, most probably.

I think I need a good shove to make the move on either.

My list includes an ERF and mounting cell for now, the ERF is the biggy at the moment. If we end up moving I may just have a brain explosion and grab a Pentax DSLR and that astro gadget to go with but that will require darker skies than I have now.

Ooh, reminiscing.

I think I have done well with my wish list, I have managed to get all of that so far apart from the Pentax and GPS unit which with having the Polarie I don't need at all.

New wish list is going to have to be a proper wish, like being able to move somewhere that is better for astronomy.

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Well, so many things, but at the moment I am trying to get hold of a motorised goto mount. CG-5 look as though they are going for a reasonable price at the moment, but could even stretch to an EQ6 Pro GOTO.

An SCT about 6" would be nice too. One went on ebay for £235 the other day.... If only I got up earlier, it would have made a nice addition to my 120mm frac.

A 2x Barlow would complete my wants list for the moment.

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