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Camera for Hyperstar


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Hi All,

I'm looking to purchase a Hyperstar lenses for my C11. Before I do that though I'll need to decide on the type of camera for it.

I'm currently looking at the QHY range, either the QHYL or the QHY Pro.

What's the pros and cons between the two and are these the best choices for the money?

Kind regards and a Merry Christmas

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If say you went for a QHY8L I would recommend replacing the IR Filter with the light pollution filter which works best for your skies ideally a T-Threaded Cell type.

I have just done this, but its been cloudy since I did the mod so no images from the new setup yet.

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Ah, now you're asking! OK, I'll say it; quality and reliability. I have seen far more problem threads for QHY than for Atik. Anecdotal and possibly wrong, but I run five Atik cameras in a commercial application, literally many hundreds of hours per year, and they do keep working.

I know there are happy QHY owners and I don't want to upset anybody but you are asking for answers and that's mine. I confess up front to a good working relationship with Atik but that's because I like their stuff. The relationship wouldn't be there if I didn't, believe me.

Hyperstar has to be very exciting. There will almost certainly be challenges but when they are up and running the results look tremendous. Greek Anthony, for instance, has posted stunning NB images here.


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Cool, thanks Olly. Although Bernard from Modern has made me a very good offer for a QHY8 Pro :)

For the Atik I would be looking at their barrel range (420L, 450l or the 428EX).

Looks like I'm going to have to look at their specs and troll this site for some reviews

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Hi Will,

I have a HS C11 and currently use a SXVF-M25C (same size chip as the QHY8). I view the Atik 450C (presuming the colour version) as more of a complimentary camera to the M25 and would use them for different purposes. The main reason being pixel size - at 7.8u the HS C11 with the M25 gives roughly 2.9 arcsec/pixel over a large area whereas the 450 would give 1.3 arcsec/pixel for narrower fields.

Another thing of note: the HS is very sensitive to chip misalignment and any misalignment requires collimation. Just make sure the chip can be adjusted for orthogonality. I recently sent my M25 back for just such adjustment and Terry did such a good job that now I don't need to collimate when I fit the camera - you have no idea how much setup time that can save on a camera without liveview.

Just my two cents.


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