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Is it worth buying a zoom EP?

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I've been looking at different EPs to add to my collection and was wondering if it was worth buying one?

Does the zoom affect what you see?

and as I have a 2x barlow on the way, would it be better to stick to that as it'll give me another set of magnifications or still worth investing in a zoom EP


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I think a good quality zoom eyepiece is worth considering. The Baader Hyperion 8-24mm gets lots of enthusiastic support on the forum:

First Light Optics - Baader Hyperion Zoom Eyepiece

It might seem expensive at 1st glance but it covers for 3/4 fixed focal length eyepieces which mitigates that.

I'd tend to avoid the low cost zooms though - fixed focal length EP's will give you better performance than those.

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Personally I'd rather have a small number of top EPs (and compromise on focal length) than have every focal length covered at lower quality, whether by having lots of ordinary EPs or a zoom. Others won't share that preference so it's hard to advise.


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With the range of eps you have at the moment and a barlow on the way I don't think a zoom would be of that much use to you as you'd just be doubling up on what you have. if you were going to go fora zoom I would say only go for the baader as it will give you a bit more quality and the price aint that bad for the piece of kit you get. I have the baader mk3 and that is all i use now until i can afford to replace that with fixed length hyperions.


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Jana - thats what I was thinking, I'll have covered most of them anyway once my barlow comes.

Brianmc - ah right, I think I might just leave it and go for a higher quality piece if I have a little extra to spend

Thanks for you feedback, I reckon I'll just get a low power eyepiece for widefield views

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