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First sight of Saturn!

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Had a run of wet mornings. But today at 7.15 am before their last day at school the kids were rewarded with their first sight of Saturn's rings.

Both, aged 7 and 11, excited and didn't moan that it was tiny. It is great to see the wow factor still exists despite the wonders of i pads and NASA pictures. Seeing things for yourself is still magical.


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I find that brilliant that you are getting your children interested in astronomy, if more people where introduced into just how amazing it is, we might progress faster with our space tech and go further sooner.

It feels completely different when observed by your own eyes, i always get the wow factor!!

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hi derek and family,Saturn is great my 13 year old daughter did a school project last year she got some video with the 12" and a few pics with registax ect she took the dvd to school to hand it in

she played the dvd to her class and gave her little talk on planets ect the day after she gave the talk to 200 kids in the school hall we was very proud at the parents evening all the teachers in here year at school were impressed with the dvd and her knowledge and thats all they could talk about

she as done talks on the moon and alsorts with pics and video

so get your lads go in with it my daughter loves her 90mm refractor and she always wants me to put the 12" dob out side

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