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M42 First attempt at a nebula


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Hey guys. I managed to get some decent data from M42 last night. This is my first go at a nebula so I think it's turned out well. No callibration as I'm still sussing out Maxim (having trouble with flats) so this is about 40x 60sec lights only. Stacked in Maxim, processed in Lightroom. The colour is a bit off and the core is well over done. I might get some shorter subs on the core but this is it for now.

ISO800 f/4 800FL CCD-CLS 1000D Guided


C&C welcome

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Paul, you have the makings of a great image there. I just took a look at that single sub in PS and if you have a few of those there is a lot you can do with them.

If you drop the Magenta levels in there you will get a very natural coloured M42. The stacking from Maxim shows a few banding issues, that might be just a feature of the camera, but by playing about with the stacking method you can likely minimise them.

Have you tried DSS? If you do, select the Auto Adaptive stacking method.

At any rate, well done on capturing some really good data!


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