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Skywatcher Skymax 127 mirror quality

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Just got a Skywatcher Skymax 127 and noticed the primary mirror has some minute flecks on it. Think this has come from the paint of the tube during construction. Other than that, it looks ok. Just wonder if this is a common quality ‘problem’ with this scope and if it will cause any problems? Maybe it is just down to not top quality construction but has little impact? :icon_salut:

Also wondering if it is worth unscrewing the whole back off and blowing the few minute flecks away? But that sounds risky :)

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Are you certain that the 'flecks' are actually on the primary mirror ? Debris on the front corrector can look like it's on the mirror when you look into the tube.

Wherever the flecks are, they won't affect what you see at the eyepiece.

But they can be very annoying, and shouldn't be on a new scope.

As you have just got this scope, if it were me, I'd contact the supplier.

I would be very wary of dismantling. If you do that, it will cause difficulties in getting an exchange.

Regards, Ed.

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As mentioned a few minor flecks won't have any effect on the performance.

BTW it's not a good idea to unscrew the back from the 127 OTA as there is a large dia. rubber O ring between the back housing and the tube and this always seems to break if the back is removed. If it's absolutely necessary to get inside the tube it's better to remove the corrector.


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