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New Hi-Res Cameras available

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Wasn't it available before on the main TIS site as normal camera? :) Someone used it then to do some solar/lunar images. Like here.

It would be nice if they could launch a one success for the 31-51 cameras (or 21-51) that can be also effiecient on planets (ROI that make it faster) and more effiecient on H-alpha Sun with more IR QE. One for all.

DMK41 is 580 EUR, DMK51 800 EUR and if you want something effiecient for planets you need to add also DMK21. DMK72 is only 350 EUR and has even to much pixels - can be used planets too (fast ROI) but it has a CMOS sensor with rolling shutter (bad if object is shaking).

Point Grey Chameleon is more sensitive, cheap (around 380 EUR) but slow (max 30 FPS at bin 2).

From the future - E2V EV76C560 CMOS with global/rolling shutter for 520 EUR in USB2 cam (and ~double for faster USB3 or GigE) - not tested yet / not supported by astro software, but it has good > 60% QE, and fast ROI.

There will also be CMOSIS 2/3" and 1" on GigE for 1100 and 1600 EUR - but that's mainly for guys and girs with big Lunts :icon_salut:

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