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Celestron Mak127 on a HEQ5 PRO Synscan


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Hi Guys - its been a long time. but I am back in the Astro Saddle finally!

I just wanted to know if the Celestron Mak127 will fit directly on to the HEQ5 PRO Synscan Mount with no issues, or will I need to purchase anything extra, Its a pretty penny for the mount and I wont be getting a new OTA untill March, so will be using the 127 Mak for the time being.

I searched the forum and seen malc-c's eq5 with the 127 but just wanted to know if the HEQ5 needed anything diffrent?

Thank you and clear skies :-)

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Thank you guys, I just did a search for the vixen dovetail and the nexstar 127 and it said it did have that fitting so thats good news!

Spikey, do you notice a big difference from the skymax 127 mount to the HEQ5, I mean I know it will be better but is it much better?

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ezza it's a huge difference, absolutely rock solid as you would imagine. The Mak does look a tad tiny perched on the HEQ5. I maily use the HEQ5 for AP and the Mak ventures out for visual moon, planets etc.. but I do also use the Mak for planetary/moon imaging with an SPC900.

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