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what's the best accessory you've got this year?

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I'm glad I asked now. So many things to think about. Telrads seem popular - I don't actually have a finder of any sort at the moment. That and various clothing items.!

I'd like to add another vote for the Gerd Nuemann flat panel I bought this year. Not cheap but I bought a biggish one that can be used on a number of scopes.

A good finder is everything. I actually completed this 16x70 finder in its final form December 2010, otherwise it would have trumped the Naglers. The Naglers give me great views of objects, but the finder makes sure I can find them in the first place.

I have thermal underwear (gift from the missus for skiing vacation), but have never worn them. I seem to be largely impervious to cold (hothead :):):D).

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My wife found me some fingerless gloves with attached 'over-mittens'.

When I need to fiddle/focus/type etc., pull the mittens back and I have free finger tips, when I'm done, pull the mitton parts back, 95% of your hands are covered 100% of the time, and zero chance of dropping the over-mittens.

Now all I need is a woolly jumper for the laptop.


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For me it's a hydrogen alpha filter for imaging with my modded DSLR. So far, it's working better than I'd hoped! It makes me a bit less scared about the growing light pollution our way and it seems to cope quite well with a fair bit of light from the moon!

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I'm glad I asked now. So many things to think about. Telrads seem popular - I don't actually have a finder of any sort at the moment. "

Just a personal opinion on Telrads... I had two and they both died with 2 or 3 years of use. I know they have their supporters but to me they're just cheap plastic with flimsy electronics and no protection from dew whatsoever.

They were created a generation ago when amateur astronomy equipment was rather less sophisticated than is the case now and I think there are better alternatives available these days.

Plus, a Telrad will look distinctly odd sitting on top of one of your refractors, if that's what you're intending to use it for.

As I say, personal opinion and I'm sure this will provoke a reaction from those who love their Telrads. :icon_salut:

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My Explore Scientific 100 deg ep came yesterday, with my friend home from the States for Xmas, hope this will have the same space walk experience I had when I looked through a TeleVue at a star party, I notice S@N has just reviewed some in the current issue, seems there is little or nothing to choose between both products in performance, but there is a big difference in price, especially as one of the big US outlets has the full range at $100 discount at the moment, well you have to treat yourself havn`t you :)

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I just took delivery of a pair of thermal long johns and i hope to try them out tonight. Passion killers i know, but essential astro kit?, definately :(

Ok, the Long Johns have been relegated to the 2nd best accessory this year. My new 26mm Nagler has taken the top spot :)

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