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Brian Cox on TV

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Professor Brian Cox takes a celebrity audience through the most challenging concepts in physics from the lecture theatre of the Royal Institution of Great Britain. With the help of fellow scientist Jim Al-Khalili and guests Simon Pegg, Sarah Millican, James May and Jonathan Ross, he shows how diamonds are made up of nothingness, and how one such precious gem in the heart of London is in communication with the largest diamond in the cosmos. He also reveals how things can be in two places at once and why everything that people can see and touch in the universe actually exists

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i just got a DVD pack called "the wonders collection" by brian cox....in two parts....wonders of solar system and wonders of universe.....he presents it so easy to understand for someone like me....now that i got my scope i need to learn more abouts our universe...he gots such a happy smiley face and shows so much passion in his expresions....like a big kid in a sweet shop....he is great to watch :)

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Looking forward to this. For me Brian Cox is a breath of fresh air in a subject that has never really interested me until I saw his wonders series. I think Brian and a few others (Al-Khalili included) have started to make science interesting again and are opening it up to a whole new audience

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Oh dear. Looks dreadful. The word 'stars' doesn't mean massive sun like objects that shine throughout the universe but rather 'celebrities' like Jonathon Ross etc.

It saddens me that there is a perceived need to use celebrities as bait to draw people into amazing subjects like physics and astronomy.

I quite like Brian Cox and Jim Al-Khalili's stuff has been excellent but unless the clip shown is seriously misleading I can't get too excited about this.

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