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my BIG dob is now HERE !


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after my 10th look out the window i see a big white van with the word "FedEx" on it .....it can only mean one thing..... a skywatcher 300p flextube:hello2: .....all mine :)..

as i helped the guy thru with it i did notice that is was not as heavy as i thought it would be (i do keep fit with wieghts twice a week)...it would be a struggle tho for the older and less able people i guess...

armed with a cuppa tea and stanley knife i opened it carefully enjoying every moment....in the box it looked so massive even retracted !!:(

within 5 mins it was there.... standing tall and proud in my bedroom...i have not fixed the base up as yet...do that later...my first concern was to check everything is ok with it and all parts are with it...and YES...so far everything looks perfect :p

with the viewfinder in my hand i decided to have a sneaky look thru it .....and OMG :)......this viewfinder BLOWS even my new bino's to bits !! ....i know there are better ones out there but the optics in it was so clear beyond what ive ever seen before....once i replace it with a easier finder then my bino's will be SACKED :(.

must thank harrisons for there service here as they were fantastic....i will be buying ugrades from them for sure :)

and i must thank this forum and the advice i gots as i know i would have made the wrong choice without you guys so, man hugs for ye all :)

i will post first light here and my thoughts even tho i dont really have experience regarding other scopes except two nights with a toy 4" thing that "did its job" years ago....im sure this beast will impress without doubt:D

thanx again to those who helped me :(

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Read The First Manual ?? :)

Read... Yes.

The... Yes.

First? No... Something else, something naughty. :)

Manual... Yes.

Congrats on the scope! I got the same one after advice here on SGL and it's the best thing I ever did. I kiss it goodnight every night. :)

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damm....woke up this morning to clear blue skies :(....if only i looked out at 5AM when i went for a *** :).....no wind either....

ditto finch :)....did you get the straight finderscope or the angled version ?.... i gots the angled version...i was expecting the straight version...seems really comfy the angled type....

looks like this scope has had an impact on the wife too....she is excited now as i am :)...that can only mean one thing...there is life after death :(

nah the wife ,,,,she is good tho...never has she moaned about me having the 2 grand budget for all this stuff and we aint rich...she knows ive always wanted stuff like this so i owe her lots :)

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Ooh! You got an angled finder? Is it an erect image angled finder or a left-right inverted one? Either way it's a nice upgrade on the straight through ones. The straight through version is so awkward to look through I didn't find it much use.

I also found I could see more through the finderscope than through my binoculars mainly because the finderscope was steady.

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this was the dob i got >>>>SkyWatcher Skyliner 300P FlexTube Dobsonian Telescope

as u see the finderscope looks straight...

this was the finderscope i got tho>>>>>First Light Optics - Astrozap light shroud for Skywatcher FlexTube

just click pic to zoom in on it....

cant complain tho, it seems easy to use....:)

anyways....so i dont blow the rest of my budget on sweets, pies, and all the rest, ive decided to get my EP's now.

with knowing that usually EP's that come with scope are not that great, with advice ive gone for

Baader Hyperion 8mm Eyepiece 1.25

Baader Hyperion 13mm Eyepiece 1.25

Baader Hyperion 24mm Eyepiece 1.25

ive heard these EP's are pretty damm good .....on it way is a moon filter and a baader UHC-s nebula filter too.

i will leave a barlow lens for now, not sure if i even need one with the EPs ive chosen....

any sugestions welcome :)

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